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Bank of Nova Scotia
P.O. Box 10 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Wayne Bruce – 536-2502

Barbour Living Heritage Village
P.O. Box 119 Newtown, NL A0G 3L0
Judy Stagg – 536-3220

Beauty By The Bay
P. O. Box 134 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
536-1330 or 536-8514

Beothic Fish Processors Ltd.
P.O. Box 10 Valleyfield, NL A0G 1B0
Pearce Perry 536-2425

Bonavista North Towing
P.O. Box 272 Wesleyville, NL  A0G 4R0
Wilson Kean –  1-709-235-0804(c) Toll Free: 1-855-268-9703

Bonnell Law
P.O.Box 189 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Phyllis Stagg – 536-5886

Bungay’s Green Depot Inc.
General Delivery Indian Bay, NL A0G 2V0
Crosby Bungay – 678-2276

Carter Agencies
P.O. Box 158 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Gordon Carter – 536-3301

Carter’s Dairy & Convenience
c/o Karen Winter
P.O. Box 377 Badger’s Quay   NL   A0G 1B0

C. & H. Services Ltd.
P.O. Box 257 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Paul Howell – 536-3237

C.M.S. Motel Ltd.
P.O. Box 53 Badger’s Quay NL A0G 1B0
Clyde Carter – 536-5690

Compass Group Canada
C/O Rhonda Feltham
P.O. Box 308 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0

Cross Cuts Beauty Salon
P.O. Box 86 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Joanne Cross – 536-3410

The Cutting Edge Salon
11 Main Street Brookfield, NL A0G 1B0
Melissa Elliott – 536-8687

Davis Marine Inc.
P.O. Box 160
Marine Drive, Wesleyville
Duke Kelloway or Janet Davis – 536-8167

Davis Shipping Ltd.
P.O. Box 160 113 Main Street, Brookfield (office)
Janet or Bruce Davis – 536-2337


Fifield Motors Ltd.
P.O. Box 190 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Claude Fifield – 536-2063

Gerick Limited (Seagull Lounge)
c/o Rick Sturge P.O. Box 159 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Rick Sturge – 536-2219

Good Luck Restaurant
P.O. Box 239 Valleyfield, NL A0G 1B0
Denise Yu – 536-3337

Hann’s Electric Limited
P.O. Box 29 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Barrie Hann – 536-2037

His & Hers Beauty Salon
c/o Carter Agencies
P.O. Box 158 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0

Howell’s Do All Services
P.O. Box 76 Badger’s Quay, NL  A0G 1B0
Jim Howell – 536-3186

Hoyles Ambulance Service
P.O. Box 1086 Lewisporte, NL A0G 3A0
Fred Freake 535-3534

J Humphries & Sons Ltd.
c/o Jeff Humphries
P.O. Box 209 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0

J. Penton Enterprises Ltd.
P.O. Box 124 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
John – 536-3304

Jo’s Flair for Hair
P.O. Box 238 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Joanne – 536-6966


Kean’s Pharmacy Limited
P.O. Box 249 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0

Kittiwake Funeral Home
P.O. Box 39
Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Brent Abbott or Marg Davis

Kittiwake Kitchen
c/o Tracey Stagg
P.O. Box 471 Badger’s Quay  NL A0G 1B0

Kosy Korner Lounge
P.O. Box 15 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Michael King – 536-2320

Main Drag Enterprises
P.O. Box 251 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0

Main Drag Marine
P.O. Box 251 Badger’s Quay NL A0G 1B0

Midtown Variety
c/o Louisa Gill
P. O. Box 24 Newtown NL A0G 3L0

Norton’s Cove Studio Inc.
P.O. Box 223
113 Main Street (Brookfield)
Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Janet Davis – 536-2533

Notre Dame Agencies
P.O. Box 153 Wesleyville NL A0G 4R0
David Blackmore – 536-2214

Otterbury Manor
P.O. Box 42 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Elsie Carter – 536-3383


 PC Solutions Inc.
 3 Wicks Lane
Badger’s Quay  NL   A0G 1B0
Glen Peddigrew – 536-5934

Pet Stop Grooming Shop
P.O. Box 136
Bager’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Geraldine –   536-2934

Rick’s Service Centre
General Delivery
Pound Cove, NL A0G 3S0
Rick Howell – 536-3444

Riff’s Limited
General Delivery
Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0

Shoppers Drug Mart
P.O. Box 199
Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0

Shoreline Offloading Ltd.
P.O. Box 380 Valleyfield, NL A0G 1B0
Grant or Diane Burry – 536-5990

The Showroom(Vehicle Detailing)
460 Main Street
Wesleyville, NL   A0G 4R0
Todd Linehan – 536-7461

Sincerely Yours Funeral Home
Contact: Jennifer Pender
50 Main Street, P.O. Box 270 Wesleyville,  NL A0G 4R0
(709) 536-3333 or 1-800-536-3303

Spurrell’s Service Station Ltd.
P.O. Box 31 Badger’s Quay, NL A0G 1B0
Herman Spurrell – 536-3066

Sweet Delights
P.O. Box 419 Pool’s Island   NL   A0G 3P0
Sam Kelloway – 536-5979

Thomas Winsor & Sons Ltd.
P.O. Box 160 Wesleyville, NL A0G 4R0
Cathy Winsor – 536-2410


Vincent’s Enterprise
P.O. Box 16 Badger’s Quay   NL   A0G 1B0
Boyd Vincent – 536-2474

Western Petroleum Ltd.
C/O Luke Reynolds
P.O. Box 179
Riverhead, Harbour Grace NL  A0A 3P0

W & W Winter Supermarket
P.O. Box 89 Badger’s Quay, NL   A0G 1B0

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